What’s the difference between Salesforce and other Clouds?

Salesforce has been defining the cloud space for more than 15 years. Nowadays companies of all sizes and business areas greatly depend on the cloud computing space. They use technologies like Salesforce to connect to their customers and to drive the business process.

Salesforce is not the only cloud space provider but it is definitely the most popular one. For better understanding of the fact, let’s take a look closer at the platform it sits on and Force.com specifically.

Force.com is a foundation for all the products from Salesforce that we know and use regularly. The list of products includes AppExchange, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, and also Community Cloud. Usually users characterize Force.com as reliable, fast and secure platform. To give you an idea about the scope just imagine more than 100 000 companies and organizations that use it around the world and about 2 billion transactions daily.

How does it work?

So how do they manage to do it? The answer is in Force.com’s metadata-driven software architecture. It is also important to mention about the way innovations power multitenant application development.

Salesforce claims that they were the first company that used a combination of groundbreaking technology that was created for cloud space with multitenancy. The combination was successful and unique; it helped developers to avoid spending much time on maintenance and managing hardware. The technology gives Salesforce a possibility to deliver continuous innovation during these years.

The obvious advantage is that users can concentrate on their core business instead of wasting time on upgrades of the software. With the help of Force.com you can concentrate on building applications and improving your business success. Moreover, you don’t have to be salesforce developers of high class to build apps with Force.com. Thanks to easy and friendly user interface (“point and click” technology) you are able to build, update and customize the app.

Salesforce consultants are not going to share all the secrets about their platform. But they pointed that the great part of their success is in the metadata-driven software architecture they have developed. The platform uses a runtime engine. App data forms from metadata; there is a clear separation between tenant data, metadata specific to each app and the platform itself. This separation helps the company to deliver three automatic upgrades a year without any breaks in customization.

So now you know a little bit more about Salesforce platform and can clearly see that it is easy to customize and make changes within this cloud space system. No matter how big your company is – your IT infrastructure is in secure hands with Force.com.

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