What Is Salesforce CRM Content?

Salesforce CRM Content

Professionals use Salesforce CRM content to simplify content management. The tool allows to incorporate user-friendly features into tasks. Salesforce CRM Content stores files in searchable repositories (libraries), which is more convenient than keeping them in folders and complicating the process of content searching.

Salesforce professionals are able to create many libraries that will be based on different classifications. Libraries can be classified by the department name, team or job function. Salesforce administrator will configure user permissions within the definite library and provide security access to content.

Content across libraries can be classified and organised by users with the help of tags. Search results can be filtered by one or several tags; a user can view all content marked by one special tag.

Personal libraries are also available within Salesforce CRM Content. They provide a possibility for any user to reduce a mess on the desktop of the computer in process of using content-management benefits (like version control or document search).

Salesforce CRM Content has a powerful search engine that can scan the whole document and specific document properties (title, the name of the author, categorization data, tags and description of the document).

The result of the search can be filtered by the format of the file, featured content, name of the author, tags, etc., and then viewed with different details - it’s an easy way to find and view relevant content quickly.

After a file has been located a user can subscribe to it and then receive an email notifications about new versions or changes with file’s properties. Email notifications will arrive once a day or in real-time (depending on your preferences).

To determine the relevance of the document, a user does not need to download it - there is a page with content details (contains title, author’s name, description, comments and tags, votes and subscribers, etc.)

Salesforce CRM Content provides quick and easy uploading of new and revised files. During the process of uploading a user chooses a library and type of the content, adds description and tags.

There are several ways to determine the value of the content within Salesforce CRM Content. To improve the content quality, users can vote with the help of thumbs up/down button and by adding comments. The information about the number of subscribers and downloads is also provided.

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