The Greatest Product Salesforce Have Ever Built

During the last year Dreamforce - annual conference sponsored by Salesforce - the company announced the release of Wave.

Today Wave is a popular analytics platform.  It is the first product of Salesforce in the sphere of data analytics, and so far it is going well. The platform created to visualize great amounts of data collected for businesses purposes. As users say, decision making is easier when everything is organised in graphs and charts.

Although the release was last year, since that time there was nothing much heard about the platform. Still, according to the position of Pacific Crest bank, it is popular among companies.

It also can be proved by the fact that in some cases companies pay over $1 mln for the Wave. This figure is impressive considering the cost of Wave  - about $125 a month per user. And it’s just a year after the release date!

Marc Benioff called Wave the biggest and the most exciting future revenue with such an impressive start.

Wave had a lot of large transactions in the last quarter and the list of enterprise customers includes Merck, Time Warner Cable, etc.

Benioff believe Wave to be the greatest product of Salesforce that will not just influence sales, marketing and services but transform the way business runs.

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