Swirl of Rumors About Salesforce Acquisition

Rumors and gossips about Salesforce acquisition swirl around. The giant of cloud computing has a market value close to $50 billion. No wonder the question about potential buyer is so intriguing.

Salesforce takeover could be the biggest deal in IT industry ever. Naturally, a potential buyer has to have a much bigger market value than Salesforce. There are not so many candidates in the market - just Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.

Microsoft worth is about $400 billion and this company definitely able to carry such deal. If compare Microsoft and Salesforce CRM software from a strategic point of view, it is obvious that Microsoft has a weaker position in the market.

Since Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft, companies have been incredibly sociable. An official agreement to promote each other’s products has been made, including a support for new, cloud based product of Microsoft - Office 365, online version of its old popular collection of tools.

Marc Benioff, Chief Executive of Salesforce, always publicly praise leadership qualities of Nadella, his aim and desire to collaborate with leaders in cloud software market.

If Microsoft buys Salesforce, it will happen not because of revenue. Such a move would be rather a great shake for Microsoft and its culture. Most likely that the company’s headquarter will have to move to San Francisco. Some observers of Benioff’s activity predicted that in case of Salesforce acquisition, he will relinquish control of the company and will enjoy his philanthropy activity.

Both companies, Microsoft and Salesforce, declined to comment “on rumors”.

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