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Salesforce has published an interesting report for crm experts. According to it about 84% of marketers have a plan of increasing or maintaining their spending on marketing and technology this year. There are three major technologies that marketers are planning to invest in during 2015 – they are mobile apps, marketing analytics and CRM implements.

Almost 71% of marketers believe mobile marketing will stay core to their business in 2015, and about 68% have already integrated mobile marketing into their marketing strategy. The results of surveys show that the more integrated mobile marketing campaign is, the higher level of selling effectiveness can be achieved.

These statistics is taken from the State of Marketing Report (2015) that was published by Salesforce earlier. The survey was conducted online (October – November 2014). The respondents are marketers in Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s locations around the world that work full-time.

Some key points of the report are the following:

  • There are three technologies that are maintaining as major in creating a cohesive customer journey. They are mobile applications, marketing analytics and customer relationship management tools.
  • There are top five areas of increased spending. The list consists of Social Media Advertising (SMA), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Engagement (SME), and Location-Based Mobile Tracking and Mobile Apps.
  • Most marketers plan to increase their spendings on these five areas. The report says social media and mobile marketing are quickly emerging as critical enablers of products and services.
  • What you can also find in this report is some info about three the most pressing business challenges facing marketers in 2015. They are 1) new business development, 2) the lead quality, 3) remaining up to date with current market technology and trends, 4) customer acquisition, and 5) quantifying marketing’s return on investment.
  • About 31% of marketers report that mobile marketing is paying off and produce ROI.
  • Between 2014 and 2015 there was a 39% leap in the importance of social media marketing as a critical enabler of products and services.
  • The report contains the most common metrics used to evaluate marketing’s contribution. They are revenue and customer satisfaction.

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