Salesforce’s New Platform for Human Resources

Salesforce development and customization

To improve engagement of employees, a set of tools for HR managers were designed by Salesforce. Most of tools is just a simple adaptation from existing Salesforce products. Human resources tools differ significantly from traditional sales and marketing spheres of Salesforce interest.

The creators took the best of technologies and allowed customers to turn them inward, delivering the success to the employees.

HR platform, created by the company, includes a set of tools from Salesforce and partners. Salesforce built two impressive tools: Employee Journeys app and HR Helpdesk software. The first designed for on-boarding and on-going management while the second is built on Service Cloud customer software and provides a digital channel to respond to specific issues or questions.

Another interesting within the platform is Employee Communities. It is built on new social tool created for enterprises called Chatter. The purpose of it is providing in-depth conversations among employees and HR personnel.

And, finally, Salesforce HR Analytics. The tool designed specifically for measuring and tracking HR metrics.

Obviously, Salesforce can not do everything. It allows others to fill in the blanks. Customers may build custom apps for themselves or even partner apps on AppExchange (Salesforce Marketplace). Usual system of record for human resources are also involved in every big company around the globe.

As it usually happens, Salesforce released new 1.0 version and soon will add more functionality and updates on that. For today the platform has some advantages of the existing tools that were reserved for sales and marketing spheres.

Because customers are able to build custom apps that are far beyond pure CRM, it will be easier for Salesforce to do something big within HR sphere.

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