Salesforce Summer ’15 Release

salesforce cloud softwareEvery time Salesforce releases some product or its update, its users have a strong sense of anticipation. Everyone wants to know what’s new to expect and what are the most interesting changes. New Salesforce Summer ‘15 release is not an exception - according to Salesforce, the update will turn customers’ insights into actions with Customer Success Platform.

So, what features are offered to users this time?

In general Summer ‘15 release has over 225 new features or updates. Some of them are brand new, and some are simple improvements. Let's analyze those that will definitely become beneficial for users in future.

1. Analytics Cloud. The service will provide very useful insights for almost everyone in your company. It is accessible from a range of devices - desktop and mobile devices. This time smartWatch from Apple is also in the list. The Watch enables users to work with Salesforce and provides easy access to important data. Every user will be able to see relevant business information quickly and to reach metrics and dashboards in intuitive manner. Users can also search for info with their voice and in such a way work with other device at the same time - perfect solution for those who love multitasking.

2. Sales Cloud Engage. Allows to reach out customers better. From now one you will be able to share marketing content with members of sales team and enable representatives to connect with customers at the right time. The feature is available with Salesforce Pardot. It allows to track customers’ activity with the help of Engage Alerts - and it helps greatly to contact the customer at the right moment. It has simple interface that allows to see information about emails - when they were sent out and when opened. Such features help make analysis of campaigns - their reach and success - and help to improve strategy for the next campaign. It is possible to use Gmail for campaign launch.

3. Omni-Channel - a feature of Salesforce Service Cloud for better customer service. To access this feature you should use Salesforce Console. It allows its user to route cases to the agent at the right time. Omni-Channel has a number of actions that can be very useful in particular cases:

  • You can set the priority of tasks and be sure the most critical tasks will be done faster.
  • You can manage the availability of service agents, as well as their capability and capacity.
  • You can route tasks to the agent automatically - and save time compared to manual assignment.
  • You are able to control size of queues and make sure that there is enough time to complete the task.

4. Platform Encryption. You can use it for data protection. Make your data confidential and protect it according to requirements or regulations. To set-up and enhance security is easy with Salesforce.

5. Dynamic Send Preview. You can use this feature to improve email efficiency by previewing emails before sending to the client - to check the content and formatting. The update allows to check the email format based on the receiving device. This possibility allows to make good first impression, which is often a key to customer engagement.

6. Files Connect. The feature allows to get access to externally stored data. This innovation will definitely be a pleasant surprise for Google Drive users. If data stored on external folders (like Drive or Sharepoint) it will be completely accessible for Salesforce users. You will be able to get access to data by searches and see the information. User will have to provide access to files on Sharepoint through Salesforce. Files Connect feature may require re-authentication.

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