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Be ready to meet a new centralized file sharing service from the biggest online CRM company – Salesforce. A simple name - Salesforce Files Connect – hides some impressive characteristics. It was developed for enterprises to enable their users to browse, search or share files that are located in a repository. By the way, it all can be done from a single user interface. According to Salesforce’s press release users can use the service to embed some external files (like from Microsoft One Drive for Businesses) into Salesforce business process.

New Salesforce Files Connect service will change the whole concept of the CRM online. Salesforce becomes a system that combines CRM and file sharing integration with enterprise file repositories. This service will be the first that can help to integrate Microsoft OneDrive/SharePoint files into Salesforce natively. Over the next months there will definitely be some key improvements – like support for Google Drive.

Less Searching

What takes so much time in a work of the most employees? Right, looking and searching for information. A research by IDC was made about that and the conclusion was quite obvious – half the time employees can’t find the info they need to do their job well. It is like that because of decentralization of the information and data, so, to get the necessary info an employee has to access three, four or even more systems.

Salesforce is trying to solve the problem and Files Connect can be the right solution. Universal file sharing is provided by the company on the Salesforce1 Platform.   According to the company’s announcement the app helps to save time, it allows its users to reference external files within the business processes easily.

Universal file sharing is enabled by Salesforce Files Connect. From now on you can integrate your files easily. You don’t have to go to another location in case you need to save a particular file. With this service you can save it locally and after that to re-upload it to the cloud. After that you will be able to share the file and work with it with other users.

One more useful feature is a possibility to attach files to feeds or business records. You can use Salesforce Files Connect to put files in the context or discussion. It will allow other users to use them in Community Cloud of Salesforce. Also, users will be able to browse, search or share their files using any mobile device. By enforcing the existing access permissions of the file a secure sharing is also possible.

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