Salesforce Community Update

Salesforce Community Update

The update of Community Cloud was on Thursday, 21 May. The update includes tools that allows to build faster, better recommendations, and also connections to Google Drive and new templates.

The general idea of Salesforce Communities is to create a powerful connection between customers, business owners and partners. In addition to the productivity, communities are good because they run through various products of Salesforce.

The list of updates consists of:

  • Targeted Recommendations. These are created to use algorithms in order to combine unstructured and structured data for searching relevant content and files. If there is a community manager or administrator, he or she can suggest relevant content and target it - to individual members or groups.
  • Lightning Community Builder and Templates. Business users do not need professional Salesforce developer to create a community - they can do it by themselves. Communities, created by users, will be customized and mobile.
  • Salesforce Files Connect for Google Drive. This tool provides collaboration and file sharing among community members with the help of Google Drive. Various repositories (Box, Microsoft SharePoint, etc.) connected by Salesforce.

The update is included in price of the existing Community Cloud license. Some features are available now, and some will be available later this year.

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