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Salesforce is a recognized leader in Cloud-based software. Since the date of its foundation it brings only innovative solutions to the market of cloud software.

One of its projects is AppExchange - an online store of business apps. This year the number of AppExchange installations reached 3 mln! The number is great, but what does it mean in fact?

It says, that Salesforce and AppExchange is a popular cloud platform. Many professional Salesforce developers go to the platform when they need to create or develop profitable business.

The idea of B2B app market appeared in 2006. Salesforce found a way to connect professional developers who create applications for business, and right audience - and app market in the cloud appeared.

For today hundreds and thousands of business use AppExchange - in fact, most of them are built on the base of Salesforce and AppExchange. The popularity of the market means a lot for Salesforce - here we talk about real transformation of business with a click of a mouse.

Why is AppExchange so popular? Because you can find any kind of application for your business here. And applications save money and time - two the most important categories in business world.

Business applications are everywhere - most companies that deal with customers have installed at least one app for business and sometimes even more.

Applications from cloud platform are safe and ready to use. It’s easy to download the app you need. Professional developer who knows Salesforce peculiarities will quickly customize the application according to the specific needs of your business.

Salesforce professional developers in UK and other European countries appreciate AppExchange greatly - more than 50 thousands of reviews is an evidence. These reviews help other potential customers and enterprises to decide how is effective the application for business in real world.

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