Salesforce and Sage Cooperation

Salesforce enterprise company helped many companies to establish better relationships with their customers through cloud computing. Today Salesforce works for small businesses. To achieve that aim Salesforce teams up with Sage - one of the largest UK based software companies that develops payroll and accounting software for small companies around the globe.

Two software enterprises will create a new tool - Sage Life - on the base of Salesforce platform. With the help of Sage Life owners of small and medium business will be able to view different customer’s data (payroll, accounting or finance data). All data will be stored in one place and available from desktop, smartphone or any other device.

Though Sage is a leading software company in UK market and has over 3 million customers in North America, it sees this cooperation with Salesforce enterprise as an opportunity to reinvent small businesses.

In general, an average small business company can use 4-8 software systems. Sage Life is one system that can process and store the same amount of data in real time.

Sage CEO assures, that the tool will work fine with the existing products of companies. Sage and Salesforce do not expect pushbacks from customers who are going to turn from their old licensed software systems to cloud computing.

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