Marc Benioff Stands Against Indiana Anti-Gay Law

One of the hottest new in Twitter these days refers to Marc Benioff - Salesforce chairman, co-founder and CEO - and anti-gay law that was recently signed by the governor of Indiana. In order to claim his position, Benioff made a tweet about cancelling all company’s events in the state. In later interviews Salesforce CEO also threatened the state with possible economic sanctions if the law is not thrown out.

Benioff also underlined the importance of his company to the state of Indiana. Significant investments, great marketing events and conferences, high income and revenue - this is a short list of benefits the state will lose because of the anti-gay law.

According to the law, any person or company can cite its religious beliefs as a defence against a private party in a court. If a company does not want to do business with gays or same-sex couples, it has a legal cover for it.

The number of Salesforce employees in the state comes to 3000 people. Salesforce owns a large email marketing company that evaluated in $2.5 billion dollars; every year the most important customer event Connections takes place in Indiana and draws thousands people. However, this year the conference will take place in New York and this is just a first bummer for the economy of Indiana.

Benioff says, that the governor of the state knows well how is important the tech industry for the country and for the state in particular. What he does not understand is that the a significant part of the industry is gay. Legalizing a discrimination like this will not bring the tech industry to Indiana. Marc Benioff has a hope that other tech CEOs will support his position and will react against the law.


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