Innovation and PaaS technologies For Your Business

These days to add a new customer and earn their loyalty is much easier than you can imagine. Why? Because now every retailer or a businessman can use the advantages of the mobile devices, social networks, analytics, cloud technologies of new generation that empower them and create a great amount of data.

All these things you use serve as a footprint around the customer or organization or product. If you understand them, manage and respond to them, you will succeed in meeting and anticipating customer’s needs.

To build great and lasting relationships with customers you can use such practices as:

  • Concentrate your attention around customer information; build a platform around the customer. Use our UK CRM freelancers to bring together the best of CRM, cloud infrastructure, services of integration and more and get a common data model.
  • Strive for creating IT architecture of the next generation. Using PaaS will free your team of developers and will result in ability to get a new focus and build apps.
  • As for building new apps – do it as quickly as possible. Slow development delivers a good but late solution and is not useful. PaaS platform provides workflow, drag/drop tools, integration and app logic. Your IT team will build an app quickly and easily with all that. It would be good also to get users involved in the process. If they are involved you will be sure that the result meets their needs.
  • Encourage your employees to use apps powered by SMAC technologies. They probably use it in their personal lives and will respond to using such tools at work. It will heighten the productivity collaboration within the team.

Product development is one of the most important stages in your business. UK CRM developers from Bedrock Consulting can meet and anticipate the needs of your customers. We use feedback, various collaboration tools and interactive design to provide better products and services.

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