Dreamforce 2015

dreamforce 2015

This year Dreamforce was extremely exciting. Over 150 registered members created a great example of a community connecting customers, partners, employees to engage and learn from each other.

Community Cloud session was about customer success platform and how it can help you transform to sell, service, market, collaborate and connect with your customers in a whole new way.

Magic of Community Cloud.

Salesforce achieved 300% year over year growth on active communities. And that is because the company was spending a lot of time to get to know the business, industry and challenges; with over 6,000 communities it is in the best positions to help customers with best practices and solutions across every segment, geography and industry.


It’s not a site or a tool. Salesforce help your customers to create new channels for growth, to streamline business operations and to empower every employee.

Want to Learn How to:

  • Expand into existing market and grow into new markets
  • Build massive global Salesforce fast and with low cost
  • Scale with resellers and contractors

The answer is here - through a Partner Community!

Though it’s not easy to build a network for this, it is possible.

Apply best practices and transform your business with Community Cloud!

We can build a vibrant community in weeks! Connect your business data from any source, be able to have personalized content for your customers, partners and employees – all in one platform.

Communities are perfect for B2B and B2C across many industries.

Now every company can embed commerce into community in a matter of days. Fast, smart and easy way to sell your product - Salesforce Community!

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