Customer Service and Customer Success: See the Difference

Over the past months these two trends gained a lot of attention. However, despite the great popularity and general usage, not all people understand clearly the meaning of these notions. Moreover, very few people can define the key difference between them.

Customer Success

Customer Success can be divided into different categories. Commonly used components are:

  • philosophy
  • business model
  • a state of mind

All categories mentioned above are key ingredients of the soup called Customer Success. It is completely subjective and depends on the business entirely. It is als can be defined as proactive and organizational approach that must leverage technologies into customers. Both those who use your product and those who benefits from the use of the product have to receive value from your product over a long period of time.

Customer Success is a state of mind for a businessman whose main purpose is to have strong relationships with customers. When you read about CS’s key methods it seems obvious - positive interactions with customers, high-quality product or service and in some time you get your revenue.

One of your primary goals is getting customer retention. You can do it by pleasing the customer. Create smooth onboarding program and strengthen communication with clients, work on creating a positive brand image. This is the best way to succeed.

Customer Service

And what about Customer Service than? These sphere includes all interactions with the customer, down to emails and phone calls to support team. If your customer contact you and ask questions without hesitation - your are on the right way.

Business requires from you to use both to succeed. Use a holistic perspective to establish good customer program. Completely dedicated team - from CEO to junior Salesforce developer or office manager - is very important for business development.

You can do next steps to achieve your goals:

  1. Always separate Customer Service and Customer Success. They are obviously completely different spheres of business. Solve issues with customers with the help of friendly support team on time and effectively. It’s nice to have an account manager with proactive position who is able to see everything in perspective.
  2. Be ready to work with customers without breaks - 24/7 and 365 days.
  3. Use analytics - a Salesforce customer success platform - to see the whole picture of your customer relationships.

You may be able to control your business well, but remember that you will only benefit from working with a team of dedicated professionals and enthusiasts. You will not go far without customer success platform, as well as without a customer service team. So, do not limit yourself and your business with just one of these factors.

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